NFL Divisional Round Predictions

Who will progress to the Conference Championship

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs:

Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars, coming off a riveting wildcard game against the Los Angeles Chargers, are met with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. In their game against the Chargers, the Jaguars pulled off an impressive comeback, at one point losing by27 points. The difference in that game was Doug Pederson, Head Coach of the Jaguars. He called a beautiful game in the second half and the Jags defense stepped it up with 3 sacks and forcing multiple 3 and outs. That being said, I am picking the Chiefs to win this matchup. Their offense is one of the most explosive and creative in the league. The tandem of running backs they have and their different skill sets diversify their offense under the coaching of Andy Reid, who is able to maximize the potential of all of his players. The Jaguars are young and inexperienced in the playoffs and Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback in the league.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills:

This game will be a shootout. Two of the most explosive offenses in the league and mediocre defenses is the perfect recipe for a high scoring game. While I do think the Bengals have better weapons at receiver, the difference in this game is going to be the running game. Joe Mixon has been inefficient all year and the Bengals offensive line is a relatively new unit. The Bills have a decent RB tandem between Singletary and Cook but their best rusher also throws the ball. Josh Allen is almost impossible to contain on the ground and although he is prone to throwing interceptions, the Bengals corners are not the best by any means, so I expect his receivers to be open most of the time. It will also be a home field advantage for the Bills with snow expected, which the Bills are used to playing in.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys:

Two of the most complete teams in the league, with great weapons on offense, and formidable pieces on the defensive side of the ball. I am picking the 49ers to win this game even with Brock Purdy at quarterback for the 49ers. There are too many things going for the 49ers to let Purdy hold them back. They have the best pass rush in the league against an interception prone quarterback which will give Purdy more chances to create plays on offense. Kyle Shanahan has proven he can score with anyone at quarterback especially with the weapons he has placed around Purdy. He has a top five running game, top five offensive line, and the best receiving weapons in the league. The only way I see the Cowboys pulling through is creating big plays on the ground to open up the passing game to exploit the 49ers’ relatively weak secondary.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants:

This is the only game I do not see being close. The Giants have had a great run so far but this is the end. The disparity in depth and talent between these two teams is too big to be made up by good schemes and coaching. The Eagles have one of the best array of pass rushers in the league and this will force Daniel Jones to create plays on his feet; I doubt his receivers can make plays downfield against a tough eagles secondary. The Eagles also have a top three receiving corps in the league with a great rushing QB and the best offensive lines in football. This game will be a blowout and a hard watch for Giants fans.