A secret new way to spill crushes

OPHS Talon launches new “Crush Confessions” column on Valentine’s Day

A secret new way to spill crushes

Most couples look forward to the arrival of Valentine’s Day… and now singles can too. With this year’s Valentine’s day comes the arrival of something equally exciting for all those singles too scared to confess their feelings. 

The Talon is launching a new column where we will be posting your submitted crush confessions. Any OPHS student can submit a confession via Google Form if they want to give their crush a little anonymous hint. 

Submissions will be sorted through by The Talon staff and approved by the journalism adviser before being posted to the Talon’s biweekly blast. 

If you are interested in submitting a confession make sure to keep it light-hearted and fun. Any inappropriate or harmful submissions will not be considered for publishing. 

To see if your submission was chosen or if you have a secret admirer, keep your eye out for the blast.

Happy Valentine’s day Oak Park!