Oak Park High School Boys’ Tennis takes on the 2023 season

A season preview of what lies ahead


The team celebrates their Coastal Canyon League Championship win last season

With fresh faces, new captains and key players, the Oak Park High School boys’ tennis team is ready for the 2023 season. The first home game was Feb. 14 against Newbury Park, resulting in a 10-8 victory, and the team is looking forward to future matches that will shape the rest of the season. 

“I’m most excited about the possibilities and how good we can get,” wrote Head Coach Adam Nielson. “We are young and talented, and even the JV players are good enough to push the varsity players in a good match.”

Last year, the team was Coastal Canyon League champions and made it to the first round of the CIF tournament. The team has consistently conditioned and practiced since winter in order to maintain their winning record. 

“We practice 4 days per week and 2 hours per day,” Nielson wrote. We started practicing in December.” 

Before each game, Nielson gives his players advice; reminding them to think of the game holistically. 

“I tell my players to have fun, relax, and remember to focus,” Nielson wrote. “Focus on the strategy and not the outcome of the match.”

Senior captains and varsity players Ronith Vishal and Ryan Bennett, discuss what they look forward to for the upcoming season. For Vishal, it’s not only winning league championships but also forming connections with the rest of the team. 

“I also look forward to my new role as co-captain along with Ryan and being a mentor to our young teammates in tennis and wherever else they need. I am looking forward to keeping our winning mentality from last year and going back-to-back as league champions,” Vishal wrote. 

As one of the captains, Bennett strives to provide a positive influence for the team. 

“I do my best to lead by example, showing up early to practices and matches, working hard on the court, and promoting a positive tennis mentality,” Bennett wrote. “I also make sure to provide positive feedback to my team members, whether it’s calling out a good shot or complimenting someone for their performance in a match.”

The next home game is Tuesday, March. 7 at 3:30 against Oaks Christian. A full link to the 2023 schedule can be found here

Since it’s merely pre-season right now, I am sure that our team will only improve as the season progresses,” Vishal wrote.