Super Bowl analysis and recap

The long-awaited matchup of the year

Super Bowl LVII was one of the most watched super bowls in recent history. The number one seeds of both conferences faced off in the biggest game of the year on Feb. 12 with millions of fans watching. The game ended in 38-35 with a Chiefs victory.

Here are some of the takeaways from the game:

The field conditions were not ideal. Players were slipping and sliding on both sides of the ball. The field was hybrid bermuda grass, which was praised to be one of the strongest types of grass. 

It was the worst field I ever played on,” Eagles Linebacker Haasan Reddick said. Players on both sides had to change their cleats in the middle of the game.

The Chiefs offensive line played their best game of the year. Zero sacks against the best pass rush in the league is not a small feat. The Eagles this year were top three in sacks in a season of all time. 

Going into the game, concerns about the exterior offensive line were high against premier pass rushers like Haasan Reddick and Brandon Graham. Orlando Brown Jr. and Andrew Wylie shut both of them down. 

The Chiefs also ran the ball very well with both Isiah Pacheco and Jerick Mckinnon, producing 158 yards rushing and one touchdown.

Andy Reid is the best coach in the league and he called a beautiful game against one of the toughest defenses in the league. The Eagles were second in points allowed per game and third in yards allowed per game. 

Placing one of the most electric players like Kadarius Toney on kick return was a great decision. This gave the Chiefs the jumpstart they needed in the second half of the game. The Eagles did not make a stop in the second half, allowing the Chiefs to come back. 

Reid schemed two wide open touchdowns from a flaw he saw in the Eagles defense from Week 4 and in doing so has proved himself as one of the most creative offensive minds in the game. 

Jalen Hurts was the best player in this game. He put on a masterclass of a performance in the passing and rushing game. With 300 passing yards and 70 rushing, he found the end zone a staggering four times with a two point conversion combining for the majority of the eagles points. Hurts is the only quarterback in Superbowl history to score 3 rushing touchdowns. Besides the fumble return for a touchdown which was not entirely his fault, he played flawlessly. 

Patrick Mahomes has cemented himself as a top five quarterback of all time. His two MVPs, two Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVPs speak enough for themselves. Mahomes also lost his best receiver in Tyreek Hill and still was able to produce and hoist up the Lombardi trophy. His performance in this Super Bowl was historic with his ankle injury and a comeback win. Mahomes is the type of player we might never see for the next few decades. 

This Super Bowl was one of the most exciting we have seen and it is going to be tough to beat.