Monday: Burnt eggs and senior meetings

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Happy Monday, Oak Park. Hope you had a good weekend, and are ready for another week. Here is what you need to know about what has been happening, and what will be happening, for your upcoming week.


Last Week: Burnt eggs set off fire alarms – thrice

Who knew? In the first week of school, the fire alarm went off once. By the end of this week, it had gone off three times. These alarms were triggered while the cafeteria staff was preparing fresh food for the entire school district. Though the alarms were set off by minor mistakes, and did not result in actual fires, the school’s practiced response sent teachers and students immediately to their evacuation sites, disrupting class time and leaving many disgruntled and disorganized.

Preventive measures are being implemented within the next few weeks, to avoid such situations from occurring again.


This week: Counselors hold informational meetings for

college-bound seniors

For seniors, it’s time to write essays, ask for letters of recommendation, and complete college apps. As many of you may feel stressed or anxious about the process, it is beneficial to know that, in J.K. Rowling’s words, “help will always be given at [Oak Park] to those who ask for it.”

To help with the starting process, school counselors will be holding a set of informational meetings from August 25-27, from 2:30-3:30 after school. If you’re a senior, simply show up at G9 for one of these meetings, and you can start your application process, if you have not already.


Next week: Students and ASB prepare for club week

Just as students and faculty begin to settle into the new school year, they are hit with a flurry of excitement and time-commitment. On Friday, August 21, many students submitted mandatory forms to establish their own clubs. These prospective clubs, after undergoing evaluation from the ASB cabinet, will be available for new recruits during the week of August 31.

Stay tuned for more updates about club week, as we draw nearer to the date.


Beyond Oak Park: GOP sparks debate about immigration

As immigration becomes a more pertinent topic in the 2016 primary race, the candidates struggle to appease extremist voters in the primaries, while also maintaining a good image with prospective voters in the general election.

Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination, seeks to end birthright citizenship, claiming that such a policy is “stupid.” Other candidates have also taken positions on the matter, resulting in a full-scale fight.

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