Couture Column

Spring has sprung with cold winds and heavy rains. The students of Oak Park High School take to the outdoor hallways with heavy coats and leather jackets to attempt to stay warm. But be careful! Water will wear down and ruin leather products like jackets and shoes.

One very popular trend we have seen this month is crocheting. Crocheting is the art of taking hooks to interlock loops of yarn in order to make a variety of clothing pieces. OPHS students are showing off their creativity with handmade crocheted cat beanies, gloves and sweaters.

Cargo pants have made an appearance coming in all different colors. Many students at Oak Park style these pants from a range of grunge to coquette. Cargo’s sister pant, Carpenter and Painter have also made a comeback this season.

Adidas Samba shoes are all the rage. These once soccer shoes are now seen all over the campus. These shows are paired with dresses, jeans and pretty much go with everything.

Taking it back to Y2k, denim skirts are back, long or short. Wearing them with simple pastels can really make the denim pop and create a perfectly spring look. The ankle-rise Doc Martens are a perfect match, from the yellow stitching to the bold look, perfect for that spring field frolic you’ve been looking forward to.