Coach Hall returns

Rob hall returns to teaching at Oak Park High School after his 9 month recovery.

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Government teacher Rob Hall resumed teaching at Oak Park High School Jan. 9 following a nine-month recovery from a large fall in April.

History teacher Tim Chevalier taught Hall’s classes, which included two AP U.S. Government and Politics classes, during his absence.

“I did my student teaching with Mr. Hall, so basically everything in terms of approach I’ve learned from Mr. Hall,” Chevalier said. “But in teaching the AP stuff, there are a few elements to the AP class that are different than the CP class.”

Chevalier enjoyed the challenges of teaching the AP class.

“For me, it was great to have a new challenge. I had a lot of fun teaching the class because it was current with the new presidential administration and all the fireworks related to that –– there was never really a dull day,” Chevalier said.

However, Chevalier said that he and others in the department are happy to have Hall back.

“He is a leader in the social science department,” Chevalier said. “He’s kind of like the glue that keeps our department together.”

Substitute teacher and wife Gretchen Hall sat in on some of Hall’s classes during his first day back.

“It’s nice to see him back doing what he loves to do and feeling he has a purpose again,” Gretchen wrote to the Talon.  

Hall said that he, too, is excited to be back and teaching again after his recovery.

“I’ve told all my classes this, too –– I’m thrilled to be back,” Hall said. “Nine months is way too long, so I was very excited to get back.”

Hall’s long recovery and two surgeries haven’t affected his teaching.

“It definitely doesn’t feel any different, nor have I changed my approach at all,” Hall said.

Hall is currently teaching five CP government classes. Hall has taught CP government for around 25 years.

“I’ve already got all the material. I’m just going back and refreshing my memory because it’s been a long time,” Hall said. “It’s gone well so far.”

Senior Sasha Kapadia said that she enjoys Hall’s classes and his teaching style.

I like our in-depth class discussions,” Kapadia said.

Hall’s return has had a positive impact in the history department.

“We in the department look to Coach Hall as a leader, as a strong voice. So, having him back has

been great because it feels like the department is whole again,” Chevalier said.

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