Ombudsman Column

As the “Time’s Up” movement continues to spread like wildfire and women continue to become empowered, the world is being forced to accept change.

Women are making names for themselves in virgin territories. For the first time in history a woman was nominated by a major party to run for president in the last presidential election. The second women’s march occurred this year, where women across the country gathered to promote equality, acceptance and the opportunity to have a voice in what has otherwise been known as a man’s world. The Chancellor of Germany is a woman. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a woman. The COO of Facebook, a website used across the globe, is a woman. The CEO of General Motors, one of the largest companies in the world, is a woman.

Women are finally moving toward the equality they deserve. After years of being oppressed and treated as inferior, women are now entering new fields and doing things that men have been doing for centuries.

The Talon has followed suit. We have had multiple female editors-in-chief, and our current editor-in-chief, Medha, is female. Additionally, many staff members and our journalism advisor, Mrs. Fowler, are women too.

The Talon also aspires to publish opinions each month that cover various topics involving feminism, equal rights and other prevalent social issues. We believe that all voices should be heard no matter the race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We strive for balance – while we have women as our current staff leaders, we strive to write about all issues, not just women’s issues; we want opinions from all sides, positive, negative, left, right, male female and everyone in between.

Furthermore, we encourage everyone to share their opinions no matter the topic. Sometimes we hear criticism that we do not have a wide spectrum of opinions in the newspaper, but we can only print opinions that are written and submitted to us. If you do not see your views represented, please join the Talon and write. We would welcome your voice. Our goal is to draw attention to significant issues and to inform our readers so that they can make their own judgments.