Spotlight Profiles

Brady Reiter Profile

Senior Brady Reiter has been acting since the age of four, taking on roles such as Mindy Minus in the Nickelodeon show “100 Things to Do Before High School” and Nyx in the movie “Tooth Fairy 2.”

Reiter has been attending Oak Park Independent School since her freshman.

“I’ve been a professional actress since I was four and therefore my schedule couldn’t accommodate attending traditional school,” Reiter wrote to the Talon. “OPIS has given me the flexibility to continue my career as well as other endeavors I’m passionate about, while still getting a good education. I’ve learned so much at OPIS and been part of such a positive, supportive community.”

Reiter has also been in many television shows and movies, though her most well-known role is that of the 500 year-old tooth fairy, Nyx.

“I have so many crazy stories –– one would be when they used my actual tooth in a scene of ‘Tooth Fairy 2,’” Reiter said. “I was 10 and I lost a tooth on set, and they happened to need a real tooth in one scene for a close up, so they used mine!”

Reiter said that she believes acting during her teenage years makes her who she is.

“I really admire every actress who has gotten their education simultaneously with acting,” Reiter said. “Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong’o, for example, all went to amazing colleges while still continuing acting.”

Chynna Walker Profile

Senior Chynna Walker attends OPIS which allows her to focus on her love of horseback riding.

Walker has been riding horses since she was 13, and it has since become an integral part of her athletic, social and academic life.

“When I was younger I went to the horse camps, and then when I was in eighth I decided to go back and it’s worked out pretty well so far,” Walker said. “Since I go to independent school, I don’t spend a lot of time with other teenagers, so most of my social life and friend group is based around my horseback riding as well.”

One of her most memorable moments include performing with a pony in a ride that went wrong.

“So, I got on and went into the show arena, where there were about a hundred people watching, and the first jump went really well. When I went to the second one, the pony decided that he thought it was terrifying and threw me off in the middle of the show. I was mostly mad at myself, but my trainer thought it was pretty funny,” Walker said.

Walker has been able to partake in a many experiences due to her participation in the OPIS program. Last year, she traveled to China for a semester abroad.

“The thing is, I don’t actually speak that much Chinese, so I got lost on the subway, like, a bunch of times,” Walker said.

Last semester, Walker took two classes at Moorpark College: English and psychology. She plans to attend Moorpark College for two more years.

“Don’t slack off, because senioritis is awful,” Walker said. “If you can, I would suggest that you take classes at the college, because it’s a super cool opportunity that not all high school students will be able to have.”

     Kaylena Mann Profile

Triathlons, unicycling, acting, aerial.

With all of these activities, senior Kaylena Mann’s schedule has prompted her to attend OPIS since her freshman year of high school.

Mann also participates in a range of hobbies, opening the doorway to a variety of new experiences.

“People around my neighborhood call me the circus girl because I’m either doing aerial, stilts or riding my unicycle. I am actually getting an aerial rig for my backyard,” Mann said. “I also met Bruno Mars when I was on set for a music video he directed. It was really cool because there was an elementary school next door and on his breaks he sang and danced for them!”

Mann plans on majoring in psychology, as well as minoring in theater; she also hopes to continue with triathlons and join a club team at her university.

“[I’m most excited for] the independence, probably. I’m going to stay in a dorm, so I’m pretty excited about that and all the social things,” Mann said. “I’ve talked to a lot of people that used to be my friends at OPIS and have graduated, and they say their friends are having a hard time in college, but they’re so used to being independent, so I’m not really worried about that part.”

Her favorite part of her senior year so far has been throwing the third annual party with Casa Pacifica, a program that provides support for abused or neglected children and their families.

“OPIS has a lot of famous students, so the Casa Pacifica kids love seeing Disney or Nickelodeon stars and getting autographs,” Mann wrote. “The best part about our work with Casa Pacifica is meeting all of the kids and talking to them. It truly holds a special part in my heart because I helped start this tradition