Hot Cheetos belong in a Subway sandwich

I was in Subway enjoying a deep, and quite loud conversation with my friend, Olivia. We ordered, and of course, had an obligation to get the combo meal with a bag of chips and a drink. So we did. Only, my friend peer pressured me into picking up the bag of hot Cheetos. She told me that one of the best combinations of food she has ever had is a sandwich with hot Cheetos. And like you probably think now, I was thinking that the Cheetos would be on the side.

Well, sorry to say, but you are wrong (and so was I). Actually, she said that she liked the hot Cheetos in her sandwich! She also said that she was going to make me try it, as well. I am going to be completely honest. I was not the hugest fan of hot Cheetos in general. I am a kid who was not adept with handling spicy food.

I stuck the hot Cheetos in my elaborate sandwich, and at first I was shocked. Emotions flooded through my brain, and my friend and I gave each other a look such as to express an exclamation of “wow!” It was magnificent. A marvelous discovery.

Following this life-changing event, I went to my other friends and told them about this innovative idea … Hot Cheetos in a sandwich! They told me that it was weird. Sounded gross. I wondered about their response. Now, I recall this experience and comprehend a deeper meaning.

It is human nature to fear the unknown. Therefore, most people are afraid of overall change and unorthodox ideas. Being introduced to a new environment can cause feelings of stress and unease. Fast changes can mess with your schedule and cause a chain reaction of distress and frantic planning.

I see this ideology in so many places, beginning with the world and its political and social matters, in general. I was raised to believe certain beliefs, but other people may not have been taught to follow the same ideas that I do, creating tension. For example, current activism ideas are strongly praised by some, but condemned by others. Some actions of political leaders are admired by some, but looked down upon by others. There are innumerable instances in everyday life where change and unforeseen circumstances challenge the lives of people. Reactions to new ideas or change can cause rifts, not only between people, but also through one person’s mental processes. Perhaps it is encountering something new and strange that creates the rifts and fears, when instead people should be excited by exploring something new – a new idea, or a new food.

Some people may say that they accept and even invite the idea of change. It is after all okay to move away from the usual. These people may say that it is healthy and even exciting to not stick to a schedule. Even though I may be slightly biased, as I am the polar opposite of those people. But, that’s beside the point. Either way, change is different and can cause people stress and anxiety. It can induce a need for increased knowledge and adaptivity which can be difficult to take on. The ability to be uncomfortable and accept the unorthodox is weird at first, but is also what is needed in society.

Even though Socrates didn’t formulate philosophical ideas after eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in a sandwich, something clicked in my mind. My epiphany is that we must stay open to change, and do so with an open mind, open ears, and a buck or two for Cheetos from your local Subway.