October: Letter from the editor


Dear readers,

After every edition, I (and the Talon staff) seem to think there’s an infinite amount of time until the next publication day, but here we are again — at the end of our third month of school.

They say time flies when you are having fun, but it also flies when you tell yourself you don’t want it to. And, when we set out to publish this month’s paper, we didn’t want it to. Because, dear readers, we have once again expanded our paper in size. Now, we are no longer at 16 or 20 pages, we are at 24.

With 24 pages, we have added a new section — the features section — where you will find graphic elements created by our designers and featured topics well researched and written by our writers.

This edition focuses heavily on the topic of shootings, gun control and the second amendment. However, we want to remind our readers that the Talon, as a publication, holds no particular political ideology. And that the views represented in the opinion section are solely the opinions of those who write them. We encourage you to join us and share your voice — a newspaper’s opinion section is only as diverse as its opinion staff.

Our editors, writers, photographers, artists and designers have worked assiduously to bring you timely and quality content in a stimulating manner.

As with every edition, we hope you find something that intrigues you. Enjoy.

Medha Vallurupalli,