Athlete of the week returns

Shulze: ‘I think it’s a great way to recognize the hard work they put in and it will definitely inspire athletes’

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Athlete of the week has returned, and according to athletic director Tim Chevalier it’s a simple acknowledgement of kids doing cool things.

Each week Assistant Principal Jason Meskis selects an athlete to be named athlete of the week based on recommendations from the coaches. To choose the athlete of the week, Athletic Secretary Deborah Goodnough sends an email to coaches asking for nominations based on performance or participation elements within the team. Based on those nominations, athletes are chosen.

According to Chevalier, the idea behind athlete of the week is to showcase and highlight athletes on campus that are excelling.

“The idea is to thank them and congratulate [them] and to kind of reinforce [that] what they’re doing is good,” Chevalier said.

Senior and varsity football player Cole McCreary was named athlete of the week on Oct. 8. Senior and varsity cross country runner Sarah Shulze and senior and varsity tennis player Sylvie Van Cott both won the week of Oct. 15.

Additionally, each student chosen for athlete of the week receives a shirt that says “athlete of the week” on the back.

“It felt amazing to win, and it felt even more amazing to have made the top ten list for the course,” Shulze wrote to the Talon.

According to senior Quinn Matulis, it was no surprise McCreary was chosen after he did so well in the football game.

“I’ve had a couple of people talk to me saying they want to get it and that it provides more motivation to do well in their sport,” McCreary said.

According to Chevalier, the school did athlete of the week last year and decided to bring it back this year.

“I think it’s a great way to recognize the hard work they put in and it will definitely inspire athletes especially some of the younger athletes to set high goals and to then go after their goals,” Shulze wrote.

Van Cott hopes athlete of the week will inspire athletes to try their best and keep working hard in the sport they’re playing.

“[We] try so hard to balance academics and excel in athletics at the same time,” Van Cott wrote to the Talon. “I believe the purpose of athlete of the week is to show appreciation to student athletes.”

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