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Senderov: ‘The cake was good’

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May 1, National Decision Day, brought colorful outfits from the senior class, while the juniors, sophomores and freshman wore black for Wednesday’s spirit day.

National College Decision Day is the day in which future college students must commit to which university or college they will attend. Students also celebrated joining a branch of the military or the decision to take a gap year.

In the college and career center, seniors had the chance to put their name and college on a star sticker and place it on a poster of the United States or California. There was also cake available after the seniors put their name on a list on the SmartBoard.

College and career adviser Jean Gilbert Hawkins’s holds this congratulatory event every year.

“I worked with a lot of the seniors over this year, so it was fun to see where they decided to go,” Hawkins said. “A lot of them are so nice and they’ll come in and tell me. It’s just a good celebration.”

Future University of Arizona Wildcat and senior Maya Ron is majoring in architecture.

“It’s very fun because first of all, you get cake, and second of all you get to see where all these people committed to and where all your friends are going to,” Ron said.

Gaby Senderov, senior and future student in the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, said her favorite part of National College Commitment Day is taking pictures and having a “bopping time.”

“I think [National College Commitment Day]’s very fulfilling and it’s a culmination of the four years that we’ve spent here — kind of like our entire lives — it’s really cool being a part of 300 kids all going off to different places of the world,” Senderov said.

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