Boys’ volleyball wins state playoffs

Majam: ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my season’

Fans of the OPHS boys’ volleyball team erupted into cheers Saturday, May 18 as the Eagles won the fourth and final set of the State Tournament game against the Peninsula High School Panthers.

Oak Park, ending with an overall record of 30-13 and a league record of 10-0, had two other matches leading up to the final win in state playoffs. Previously, they had won in the first three sets against both the Del Norte High School Nighthawks on May 14 and the Poway High School Titans on May 16.

According to libero and junior Luke Spooner, state playoffs was an effort that the team had been working on since February.

“[There was] just so much energy and happiness running through me. I have so much love for every guy that was on the court [and] on the bench,” Spooner said.

The Eagles won the first set 25-22, having maintained a steady lead of a couple of points throughout the set. In the second set, Oak Park pulled ahead again, but eventually lost to the Panthers, who won 25-23. The third set allowed Oak Park to gain an eight-point lead over Peninsula, finishing 25-17.

During the end of the fourth set, where Oak Park was consistently ahead, friends and family of the Eagles, and Eagles alike, stood up and continued to cheer for their team. “Let’s go, Eagles” could be heard from the home team side of the gym until the Eagles finished the fourth set, winning 25-19.

Spooner said he believes that next year will hold the same opportunities as this year did. He explained that though the team will be losing its current seniors, the team will still work cohesively and as a family. According to Spooner, “it was the work ethic this year and it’ll be the work ethic next year.”

“I love [my teammates]. They’re like my family. We’re not just teammates, we’re friends. We all hang out and we all love each other, we’ve got each others’ backs,” Spooner said.

Co-captain and senior Kelly Majam explained that he was “ecstatic and extremely proud” and that he couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the season.

“Being number one in state playoffs is just amazing,” Majam said. “I love my team, I love my boys and I love volleyball.”