ASB brings the ocean to the football game


Alex Goldbeck/Talon

Tim and Ellen Chevalier stand facing the crowd during the Oak Park Homecoming game with Arianna Bleau and Ryan Linard.

Under the Friday night lights, Varsity Eagles played against Campbell Hall High School in the annual homecoming game.

The varsity team is undefeated with a record of 7-0, following the homecoming game. According to senior football player Esteban Mendez, the pressure to continue the Eagles’ winning streak made the game an important one to the team.

“Homecoming has always been an amazing game to play in and I’m sure that all the seniors would agree that it is bittersweet that our last homecoming game has passed by,” Mendez said.

While the football game is an important part of the homecoming traditions, another is the halftime performance. During this year’s halftime performance, the dance team and cheer team performed their routines. However, an event that many were eager to see was the reveal of the 2019 senior homecoming court. ASB set up the stage within minutes and the entire court was announced.

“The halftime show was so much fun, all the other couples were so nice and ASB made the whole thing run smoothly,” sophomore Homecoming Princess Delaney Pryor said.

Pryor was crowned the sophomore princess alongside her boyfriend, the sophomore prince, Dominic Land. While the other class’s princes and princesses were already determined in the initial vote, the senior class was not. Out of the three couples, seniors Kellen Beckett and Erica Thompson, Reese Wallace and Clark Slajchert and Ryan Linard and Arianna Bleau, one is voted on by the senior class to be Homecoming King and Queen. This year, Linard and Bleau won.

“When we were nominated, Ryan and I both were surprised. We were excited and grateful to be on the court. Anytime someone would tell us they voted for us, we were very flattered. When we won, we were ecstatic. It was such a cool experience to be nominated and win,” Bleau said. “The whole experience was incredible, it is something I will never forget and am glad to have shared it with Ryan.”