Under the Sea Homecoming Dance, ASB sells out

Homecoming Dance is under the sea, and over the top

Record ticket sales were hit for the homecoming dance, which happened earlier than usual this year. The Associated Student Body adopted the theme: “Enchantment Under the Sea Homecoming Dance.” The first dance of the year included catered food, a photo booth and a dance floor with lights and a DJ.

This dance was inspired by the movie, “Back To The Future,” based in the 1950s and the Prom they attend in the film where students of Hill Valley Highschool go to an under the sea themed dance. The dance was also called Enchantment Under The Sea and was where Marty’s parents had their first kiss. ASB implemented new ideas, as well as combining ideas from the movie. Instead of having paper mache pirate ships, jellyfish hung from the ceiling.

“We always wanted to do an “Under the Sea” theme, and it made it extra special to relate that theme to a movie,” ASB Director and choir teacher Heidi Cissell said.

ASB worked with SOS Entertainment to implement and organize these ideas.

“They help us a lot, and they are always great,” senior and ASB president Beck Schlatter said.

SOS provided lights and sound for the dance. Many students praised the look of the dance.

“The decorations inside the gym looked very cool, and the dance was put on very nicely,” freshman Sydnie Lowry said.

Students Many students favorably commented favorably on the new addition of a small dinner being provided in place of the regular snacks and desserts.

“I liked the food a lot better at this dance, because there were actual food options and not just snacks,” junior Ava Statts said.

OPHS used to serve dinners, and strayed away from the practice in later years.

“In the past we have had a full dinner served, however, many schools in the area got away from this,” Cissell said.

According to freshman Delaney Demyon, being able to buy tickets online is more convenient and less of a hassle than going to the student store

“This is the second year that we are doing tickets online,” Schlatter said. “This actually helps with ticket sales.”

Although this dance was earlier than in past years, it broke records in the number of tickets purchased from all past years. There were 814 tickets sold in total.

“814 tickets were purchased before the dance,” Cissell said. “297 were sold online.”

These online ticket sales keep lines at the student store down and helps students who decide to attend last minute. However, online ticket sales were not the only thing ASB looked forward to.

As a result of the homecoming dance being earlier in the year, ASB predicted an increase in attendance people.

“I honestly think that it was better to have it earlier on because people are still … in the spirit of school starting,” said Schlatter. “They have less homework and more time for activities like these.”