Girls’ varsity soccer kicks off season

Girls start their season strong

The girls’ varsity soccer team kicked off their first official game Friday, Nov. 22 against Malibu High School. The final score was 3-1, giving the varsity girls their first win of the season.

“I think this season will be good considering how much time and effort the team is putting into it,” center-back defensive player and senior Megan Chen said.

The girls got an early start to the season practicing the first week of school. The varsity girls have a sixth-period class for soccer run by Coach Klamecki and practice after school on odd days.

This is the first year that the girls’ soccer team has its own class during school hours at Oak Park High School.

“I think our team bonding has improved, making playing together easier,” Chen said.

The varsity girls have an away game at Oaks Christian High School at 6:15 on Dec. 11. This is their seventh official game.