Profile: New counselor and 504 coordinator, Javier Licea

Photo Courtesy of Javier Licea

Javier Licea started this year as a counselor at Oak Park High School. Besides being responsible for a portion of the student body based on last name (St-Z), he is also the 504 coordinator, meaning he is the counselor for all students with a registered 504 plan – plans developed to assist and accommodate students with special needs of all kinds in their education. 

Before coming to OPHS, Licea has been a substitute teacher, transfer credit specialist, bilingual admissions counselor and a high school counselor.

“My number one responsibility is to advocate for my students,” Licea wrote to the Talon. “We have exceptional and ambitious students. Given that, as counselors, we want to assist our students in reaching their goals. Additionally, we are here to support our students socially and emotionally.”

Licea began his new position during distance learning, which he said has presented unique challenges.

“The most challenging part about adjusting to my new position during COVID-19 is not having that in-person interaction. As a school counselor, building relationships is so meaningful,” Licea wrote. “I understand that it is not the easiest or most desired method for students to approach me for the first time via email or phone call.”

Licea is doing his best to connect with students despite the challenges.

“On my staff page, I created a tab where I shared more information about myself. I encourage students to check it out and learn more about who I am and hopefully break the ice on being new to OPHS,” Licea wrote.

Licea started his career in education in Oxnard as a substitute teacher, and is thrilled to be back in the area.

“I had a huge desire to return to Ventura County after moving away. When I saw that Oak Park High School was looking for a school counselor, I immediately knew I would apply. I wanted to be at OPHS because I felt it was the perfect fit for my goals and career,” Licea wrote. “I am beyond happy to be here. Go Eagles!!!”